Microsoft PC Manager. Enhancing Your Windows Experience

Software Type
System Utilities
Supported operating systems

Microsoft PC Manager is a powerful utility software designed to optimize your Windows PC's performance and security. With a range of features aimed at improving efficiency and enhancing user experience, PC Manager is an essential tool for Windows users.

  1. Simplified PC Boost: Improve your computer's performance with just one click. PC Manager helps you optimize your system, freeing up important system resources and increasing efficiency.
  2. Effective Storage Management: Perform a complete system cleaning to recover storage capacity and manage massive files efficiently. PC Manager utilizes Windows' storage sense feature to intelligently free up storage space.
  3. Pop-Up Management: Say goodbye to annoying app pop-ups and invasive advertisements. PC Manager reduces disruptions from undesired pop-ups, providing a clear, uninterrupted computer experience.
  4. Comprehensive Health Checkup: Use the user-friendly health checkup function to quickly discover and address possible problems. Identify and remove risks to guarantee your system's security.
  5. Expert Antivirus Security: Integrated with Windows Security, PC Manager provides professional-grade antivirus security, protecting your computer against evolving threats.
  6. Flexible Toolbox & Compact Toolbar: Access a wide range of pre-installed Windows tools to improve the effectiveness of your computing operations. Maximize efficiency and simplify your work process with a toolkit of tools.

Microsoft PC Manager is a reliable friend for all Windows users, offering the pinnacle of security and performance. Boost your computer experience now with PC Manager and enjoy a smoother, more efficient computing experience.


Download from the Microsoft Store.