Welcome to ddt.one - a software sharing community for the visually impaired in Vietnam and around the world. This website was established with the purpose of providing a space to share, support, and encourage accessibility to technology for the visually impaired worldwide.

However, I want to note that the content contributed by other members in the forum is their own responsibility and not my responsibility. All posts, software, and materials are uploaded by users and cannot be considered official, accurate, or reflective of the website's opinions.

Additionally, I want to emphasize that sharing cracked software on this website is intended to support visually impaired individuals who do not have the financial means to purchase the original versions. However, I encourage all developers related to these versions to contact me to remove or adjust the corresponding materials.

Please be aware that using, downloading, or accessing any software from this website is your personal responsibility. I am not responsible for any damages, losses, or legal issues arising from the use or interaction with the shared software on the website.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a safe and supportive environment for the visually impaired community.


Dao Duc Trung