NonVisual Desktop Access. Feature-Rich Screen Reader for Windows

3 weeks
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Software for visually impaired
Supported operating systems

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free and open-source screen reader software developed to support visually impaired individuals in accessing and using computers. With the ability to read the entire on-screen content and provide audio notifications, NVDA enables users to experience computer usage fully and independently.

NVDA is a powerful screen reader with numerous remarkable features. Firstly, it supports various languages spoken worldwide, including Vietnamese, ensuring that users can easily understand and use the computer in their native language. Additionally, NVDA also supports many popular applications and web browsers, allowing users to conveniently access and interact with applications and websites.

A notable aspect of NVDA is its high flexibility and customization. Users can adjust reading speed, voice, volume, and other settings to suit their individual needs and preferences. This helps create the best screen reading experience for each user.

NVDA also supports multiple types of input, including keyboard, touchpad, and navigation mouse, enabling users to control the computer with ease and flexibility. Furthermore, NVDA also supports Braille devices, allowing users to read and write information in Braille.

Another strength of NVDA is its large and enthusiastic user community. Thanks to community contributions, NVDA is continuously updated and developed, bringing improvements and new features to users. The community also provides support, documentation, and resources to help users grasp and effectively use NVDA.

In summary, NVDA is an excellent screen reader, providing independence and utility to visually impaired individuals. With high flexibility, extensive customization, and the ability to support multiple languages and applications, NVDA is an indispensable tool for comprehensive and reliable computer access and usage.

Download NVDA now and explore a new world of capabilities and independence on your computer!

The version downloaded from here is a packaged version. Simply install it, and you will have a customized version of NVDA. Whether you are new to using NVDA or a long-time NVDA user, you can use this packaged version.

Note: If you already have NVDA on your device and want to install this version, please turn off your current NVDA before running the Install silence.exe file to install.


Download, Version 2023.3.

Official NVDA website.

NVDA add-ons website from the NVDA user community.