Envision AI. Visualize the World through Your Mobile Device

Software Type
Software for visually impaired
7 months
Supported operating systems

Envision is the fastest, most reliable award-winning OCR (Optical Character Recognition) app that speaks out the visual world, enabling visually impaired users to live more independently.

Developed for and with the visually impaired community, this app is incredibly simple, gets things done, and offers the best support experience for users with visual impairments.

Simply use your phone's camera to scan any text, environment, objects, people, or your products, and everything will be read out to you through Envision's intelligent AI (Artificial Intelligence) and OCR capabilities.

With full accessibility support, Envision allows you to:

Read all types of text:

  • Instantly read any text in over 60 different languages.
  • Easily scan your paper documents (single or multiple pages) with audio-guided edge detection. All the content is spoken back to you and ready for export and editing.
  • Import PDFs and images to get descriptions of the images and recognize all text within them.
  • Quickly read handwritten postcards, letters, lists, and other paper documents.

Know what's around you:

  • Easily describe the visual scenes around you.
  • Detect colors on your clothes, walls, and books.
  • Quickly scan barcodes to get rich information about products.

Find what you are looking for:

  • Identify people around you; the names of your family and friends are read out whenever they are in the frame.
  • Spot objects around you; select common objects from the list within the app to find them.


Download for Android from the Play Store.

Download for iOS from the App Store.