Pontes Game Zone. Virtual Casino

4 months
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Card Game
Chess game
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Welcome to Pontes Game Zone, a diverse virtual casino featuring a range of card games, dice games, and other board games. Specifically designed to cater to the entertainment needs of visually impaired individuals through Android screen readers.

This game offers you an excellent experience with popular games such as Blackjack, Poker, War, Dice Roll, Four in a Row, Slot Machines, and Scopa (including variants like Escoba, Scopone, Scopone Escoba), and many more.

  • You will have a virtual wallet with $1000 to start or after resetting the game to default.
  • The bar is where you can order drinks such as coffee, juice, beer, whiskey, and tea. When spending at the bar, you'll receive bonuses upon winning.
  • If you run out of money, there is a pawnshop where you can sell personal items. You can repurchase sold items, but it incurs an additional 20% fee.
  • Sometimes, after spending time at the bar, you may need to go to the restroom, which is equipped with toilets, hand basins, and hand dryers.

Your goal in the game is to earn over a million dollars to beat the casino and achieve the highest performance. This result can be recorded online under your chosen name. The earnings will be stored in a virtual bank account on the server.

You also have numerous options to customize your experience. In the Pontes Game Zone, you can:

  1. Select in-game speech: You can enable speech mode to hear announcements and instructions clearly and in detail.
  2. Customize sound: The game comes with lively and engaging sounds. You can mute or adjust the volume according to your preferences in sound settings.
  3. Vibration mode: If you prefer haptic feedback, you can enable vibration mode to receive notifications through vibrations when important events occur in the game.
  4. Play while vibrating: You can activate play while vibrating mode, allowing you to enjoy the game without touching the screen. When there's a notification, the game will vibrate to inform you.
  5. Keep the screen always on: If you want the screen to stay active during gameplay, you can activate the option to keep the screen always on.
  6. Statistics: The game provides a statistics feature so you can track your playing results and progress. You can view earned money, number of wins, number of losses, and other relevant information.

With these options, you can adjust the game to suit your personal preferences and requirements. Pontes Game Zone is an inspiring and fully Vietnamese-supported game, allowing you to explore and enjoy an excellent gaming experience.

The game is part of my translation project for vietnamese players.


Download from the play store.