Mouse Hunt. Hunt mice

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Online Role Playing
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Equip your traps and set your bait in this endless leisure game.

The kingdom of Gnawnia needs MouseHunters! Choose from dozens of unique mouse traps with their own elements and strengths. Equip your trap with magical cheese from all around the world and put an end to Gnawnia's pest problem - every time you go on a hunt!

MouseHunt is an award-winning adventure RPG game that you can play anytime, anywhere. Check your traps throughout the day (and secretly while you work) or join your friends and hunt together.

Your trap will passively catch mice for you for hours, day and night, or sound the Hunter's Horn to start a hunt every 15 minutes. Friends adventuring with you can also sound the Horn on your behalf; hunting is always easier in teams!

Mix and match cheese, weapons, and bases to create a winning mouse-catching combination! Mice from all over the kingdom have different preferences, weaknesses, and behaviors. Study your enemies, craft the perfect mouse trap, and set your bait! Maximize the power of your traps to catch rare and elusive mice while on adventures!

MouseHunt is a leisurely adventure RPG game with a cooperative spirit! Join multi-player treasure map hunts and earn limited and rare mouse-hunting tools and baits.

Compete in tournaments and climb the leaderboard with your allies and become a tournament champion! Cover more ground as you hunt with your friends!

Don't worry if you need to leave an adventure while hunting with friends. With the Hunt Your Friends feature, your friends can sound the Horn in nearby areas on your behalf.

Don't be idle in a leisure RPG - sound the horn and assist your friends in their adventures!

Check back often for new events, updates, multiplayer events, and more!

And that's not all!

  1. Over a thousand imaginary, fantastical mice to catch, from mundane Grey mice to fire-breathing Dragon mice and more!
  2. Dozens of unique locations spanning from the depths of the Sunken City to the Floating Isles, each location with its own ecosystem, puzzles, and development process to explore.
  3. Hundreds of trap combinations. Mix and match trap types and bases to catch different mouse breeds.
  4. Regular community and seasonal events, missions, and minigames. There's always something new to discover.
  5. An incredible player community of hunters, traders, and players to play, trade, and exchange hunting tips with!

Check back every 15 minutes to find something new and unexpected! Can you overcome the challenges and become a legendary MouseHunter?


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