Jieshuo. Feature-Rich Screen Reader for Android

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Software for visually impaired
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Jieshuo is a specially designed screen reader to assist visually impaired users on Android mobile devices. With Jieshuo, users can access and read on-screen content through speech, along with various other supporting features to make the mobile phone experience more convenient and accessible.

Here are some key features of Jieshuo:

  1. Gamer Mode: This feature supports gamers while playing games. With Gamer Mode, users can easily access in-game information.
  2. Voice Assistant: Jieshuo has a voice assistant feature that allows users to control their phones using voice commands. For example, opening apps, copying, cutting, selecting all, deleting text, and other phone functions.
  3. Plug-in System: Jieshuo has infinite possibilities with its advanced plug-in system, enabling users to customize the screen reader according to their needs.
  4. Navigation Aid Tools: Jieshuo provides navigation aid tools to help users easily navigate content. Supported navigation modes include List Browsing, Button Browsing, Automatic Browsing, Full Text Browsing, Detail Browsing, and Character Browsing.
  5. Customizable Audio Schematics: Jieshuo allows users to customize the audio output to suit their preferences and needs.
  6. Selection Mode: Jieshuo features a selection mode to copy text on the screen, making it easy to copy information from websites, apps, or other texts. This saves time and prevents copying errors.

Additionally, Jieshuo integrates an automatic translation feature, enabling users to quickly and conveniently translate text. By selecting the text to be translated and using the translation gesture, Jieshuo will automatically translate the entire text into the desired language.

In summary, Jieshuo is an intelligent screen reader with many useful features that make reading and interacting with texts on mobile devices more convenient and accessible. The automatic translation and selection mode help users save time and ensure accuracy during their work.

Download now to have the best experience using your Android device.

The software has been entirely translated into Vietnamese through my translation project for Vietnamese users.

Note: Please consider purchasing the software to support the developers. They deserve it.

To purchase the software, explore the software's user center, or you can join the official Jieshuo Telegram group for assistance.

The version shared from my storage is always the unlocked version. You can find the download link below or check the update log translated for that version here. I am not responsible if the unlocked version of the software works improperly or abnormally.



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