Rufus. Powerful and User-Friendly USB Bootable Software

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System Utilities
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Sometimes, installing a new operating system, backing up important data, or updating firmware on devices require creating a USB bootable drive. This is when Rufus becomes your reliable companion. Rufus is a powerful and user-friendly software that allows you to perform these tasks quickly and efficiently.

Starting with a simple and intuitive interface, Rufus allows users to get acquainted and use it with ease. With just a few simple steps: select the target USB, choose the ISO file or the operating system file you want to create a bootable USB from, and Rufus will automatically adjust the necessary settings to create a bootable USB. It's that easy!

One of the strengths of Rufus is its ability to support multiple formats of operating system files. With Rufus, you can create a bootable USB from ISO, IMG, DD, CUE files, and more. This allows you to be more flexible and convenient in creating bootable USB from most installation sources.

Additionally, Rufus provides advanced options for you to adjust settings according to your preferences. You can choose the file system (FAT32, NTFS), choose MBR or GPT partition, and even check for errors on the USB. Rufus gives you flexibility and control in the process of creating a bootable USB.

Not only powerful and multifunctional, but Rufus is also famous for its outstanding work speed. With Rufus, you will experience fast USB bootable creation, saving you time and energy. You will no longer have to wait long to have a ready-to-use bootable USB.

Rufus has become an indispensable tool for tech enthusiasts and those who need to work with bootable USB. This applies not only to individual users but also to tech experts, technicians, and system administrators. Rufus is simple and efficient, providing confidence and flexibility for everyone working with bootable USB.

Download Rufus today and experience the utility and effectiveness of this software. Rufus will be your reliable partner, helping you create perfect bootable USB for installing operating systems, backing up data, or performing any tasks related to bootable USB. Save time and increase productivity with Rufus!


Download Rufus, Version 4.3.

Download Rufus from the official GitHub release page of the developer.