Prudence Screen Reader. A Voice Companion for the Visually Impaired on Android Devices

Software Type
Software for visually impaired
5 months 2 weeks
Supported operating systems

Prudence Screen Reader is an incredibly useful tool for individuals with visual impairments, enabling them to easily access Android devices. Built on simple and effective principles, Prudence Screen Reader doesn't overwhelm with complex features, but rather encompasses a comprehensive screen reader with essential functionalities and quick responsiveness.

Prudence Screen Reader provides a range of supporting features to make the experience of using Android devices more effortless and comfortable for visually impaired users. Here are some highlighted features that Prudence offers:

  1. Voice Library: Users have the capability to customize their preferred voice. Prudence allows you to select the voice you want to hear when using this screen reader.
  2. Custom Gestures: You can choose desired actions for specific gestures, such as "swipe up and down with one finger" or "swipe up with two fingers." This customization enhances the user experience to align with your preferred interaction style.
  3. Menu Customization: Prudence enables you to specify the specific content you want to display or hide in the settings menu. This optimization streamlines the interface and shows only the most crucial items for you.
  4. Customized Reading Controls: You can adjust how Prudence reads text. It can be per line, per word, or per character, based on your preferences and personal needs.
  5. Detail Level: Prudence provides flexibility in determining the detail level of the read information. You can specify the type of element you want Prudence to read, such as window titles or specific element types.

Prudence Screen Reader is an incredibly valuable companion for the visually impaired when using Android devices. With its quick-responsive screen reading, high customization capability, and ability to cater to diverse user needs, Prudence plays a vital role in creating a more accessible technology environment for everyone.


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