Microsoft Visual C++ and DirectX. Tools to enhance your Windows operating system's performance with software

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Microsoft Visual C++ is a software platform that allows you to run content written in the C++ programming language. Many users encounter various types of errors when running different programs on their Windows operating system, most of which can be resolved by having the correct version of the redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ package.

The software is used to extend the interactive and multimedia features of the computer. Microsoft Visual C++ installs runtime components, which are necessary to start and repair the functionality of a large number of applications, programs, and many popular games.

  1. Ability to run content written in the C++ programming language.
  2. Installation of the Visual C++ library environment.
  3. Support for the proper operation of many programs and applications.
  4. Necessary to run many games.

DirectX is a Microsoft API developed to support complex multimedia tasks, especially game and video programming. By downloading DirectX, an application programming interface (API), users can directly access the system's hardware, supporting multimedia tasks.


Download Microsoft Visual C++.

Download DirectX.