Media Player Pro. Convenient Multimedia Player Software

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Media Player Pro is an incredibly convenient music and multimedia player software, specifically designed for users with screen readers. With voice control capabilities and support for various media formats, this software allows you to easily play and control media files conveniently from anywhere.

Media Player Pro supports diverse media formats such as .mp3, .ogg, .wav, .m4a, .mp4, and many others, giving you the flexibility to enjoy music and videos.

Notable features of the software:

  1. Voice control: With voice control capabilities, you can customize settings like play/pause, display elapsed time when fast-forwarding or rewinding, and conveniently control the volume.
  2. Easy media file management: You can open an entire folder containing media files in the software and easily navigate between files. The software also supports the ability to delete files from within the program and search for files in the folder.
  3. Save playback position: Media Player Pro automatically saves the last played position of a file and resumes playback from that point when you reopen the program. If you open a folder, the software will automatically reopen that folder when you start the program.
  4. Play videos from YouTube: You can play videos from YouTube through video links or directly search on YouTube from within the software.
  5. Read YouTube video comments: You can read YouTube video comments from the software and load additional comments if needed.
  6. Customizable features: Media Player Pro allows you to customize the fast-forward option to 1/60 second and control media through global hotkeys, making it easy to use media efficiently.

Media Player Pro is a convenient music player for screen reader users. With voice control capabilities and support for various media formats, this software provides a flexible and easy-to-use music and video playback experience for users. Experience Media Player Pro now to feel the convenience and ease it brings.

The software is translated through my translation project for Vietnamese users.


Download, Version 1.5.0.