Battery Info View. Check the status of your laptop's battery

4 months
Software Type
System Utilities
Supported operating systems

BatteryInfoView is a useful software designed for laptops and netbooks to display comprehensive information about the device's battery. It provides users with an overview of the current battery status and detailed reports on capacity, power status, manufacturing details, and more. With a user-friendly interface, BatteryInfoView helps you easily monitor battery usage and diagnose potential issues. Below are the key features of BatteryInfoView that make it an essential tool for laptop users.

  1. Display current battery information and status.
  2. Show battery name, manufacturer, and serial number.
  3. Provide detailed information about manufacturing date, power status, capacity, and battery health.
  4. Display voltage, charge/discharge rate, and other useful details.
  5. Include a log window to track battery status over time.
  6. Allow users to select a custom time range for logging.


Download BatteryInfoView version 1.25.