Audacity. Powerful and Free Audio Editing Software

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Audacity is an open-source and free audio editing software that provides you with the ability to record, edit, and process professional audio on your computer. With a simple interface, powerful tools, and flexible features, Audacity has become an essential tool for audio professionals, from beginners to experts.

Audacity allows you to record from a microphone or other audio sources, and then edit and process the audio in a flexible way. You can cut, copy, paste, adjust the volume, and apply various audio effects such as echo, phaser, reverb, and more. Audacity provides you with powerful audio analysis and processing tools, allowing you to view spectrograms, waveforms, and customize audio parameters to your liking.

Audacity supports various popular audio formats, allowing you to export and import audio easily. You can save your projects as WAV, MP3, AIFF, and FLAC files. Additionally, Audacity supports multi-channel processing, enabling you to work with multiple audio streams simultaneously and create unique stereo effects.

Audacity gives you full control over your audio editing process. From recording, editing, to publishing, you can create high-quality recordings, podcasts, music mixes, and many other creative projects. With Audacity, the only limit is your creativity.

Audacity has become one of the most popular audio editing software and is widely used around the world. With the combination of powerful features, a simple interface, and being free, Audacity is an excellent tool for creating and editing professional audio. Whether you are a musician, audio editor, or music enthusiast, experience Audacity and explore your creative potential.


Download from GitHub server Audacity for Windows X86, Version 3.4.2.

Download from GitHub server Audacity for Windows X64, Version 3.4.2.