Survive the Wild. Wilderness Survival

Software Type
7 months
Game genre
Online Role Playing
Supported operating systems

Survive the Wild is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) centered around the theme of survival and exploration in an open world. You will experience life in a natural environment with changing weather and day-night cycles, requiring caution and readiness to deal with the challenges that nature brings.

The game is not just about entertainment; it also involves crafting and resource management, providing a strategic experience for players. You need to gather resources, create tools, and essential items to survive and progress further in the adventure.

Survive the Wild also features hunger, cold, thirst, and health indicators for players to manage. You need to rest and eat adequately to maintain health and energy. This adds realism and immersion as you face urgent situations in the game.

Additionally, the game has an arena system that allows you and other players to compete and showcase your skills.

With diverse and engaging gameplay, Survive the Wild promises to bring you relaxing and thrilling moments of challenge.

In Survive the Wild, you not only search for and use environmental resources to survive but also have the ability to create new items by combining different resources. For example, you can craft a fishing rod to catch and cook fish or forge different weapons like swords or spears to fight wild animals and defeat them. This system allows you to demonstrate your creativity and self-sufficiency.

If melee combat is not your preference, you can use ranged weapons such as guns, grenades, or other explosives.

If fighting is not your cup of tea, become an explorer, traverse the world map, take on challenging exploration quests, or simply live a peaceful life with your friends and family.

Moreover, you can customize your attire to adapt to the weather and surroundings. The game has a weather and day-night system, so you need to wear suitable clothing to avoid getting cold in freezing weather or getting overheated in hot weather.

You can also explore various locations on the map, from dense forests to mountains, seas, and uninhabited islands. This exploration enhances your experience and broadens your horizons in the game.


Download the game.

Official game website, where you can find additional game content.

For game assistance, such as crafting guides, quest instructions, or map descriptions, you can visit the Black Screen Gaming website.