Skateboarder. A Challenging 2D Skateboarding Game

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In the game Skateboarder, you will embark on a challenging adventure. You've received a peculiar challenge from your friends: if you can jump over all the potholes on your way to school, they will each pay you 50 dollars.

They have their reasons, of course. They know you're not a skilled skateboarder. You don't know how to stop, accelerate; you only know how to skate and follow the laws of motion. So, you've grabbed your skateboard, pushed it, and started the journey.

Initially, the task is quite simple. You just need to jump over the potholes on the road. But you start noticing the crowd of students gathering to watch you jump over the potholes, and from there, everything becomes more difficult. They make so much noise that it's challenging to focus on jumping! And not only that, the uneven road surface makes this even harder, and the mischievous students line up along the path to try to distract you!

Skateboarder is not just a 2D skateboarding game; it's also a test of your ability to concentrate and control yourself in a challenging situation. You'll have to deal with the noise, the instability of the path, and the interference of the mischievous students. Can you go far before falling off your skateboard? Give it a try and experience the challenge in Skateboarder.


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