Screaming Strike. A Fun and Addictive Action Game

Software Type
7 months
Game genre
Supported operating systems

Screaming Strike is a colorful and exciting arcade game that will take you on a thrilling adventure.

In the game, you will take on the role of a brave warrior, fighting against invading enemy forces in your country. Your mission is to carefully listen to the footsteps of the enemy and quickly move towards them to deliver a powerful punch, sending them flying away.

The control system of Screaming Strike is very simple. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move left, right, or center. When you see an enemy within striking range, press the spacebar to deliver a punch. Accuracy in hitting will earn you bonus points. Be careful, as if you are too slow, the enemies will attack you and cause damage. If you are hit three times, the game will end.

Especially, Screaming Strike offers various game modes for you to choose from. The regular mode provides a balanced experience with increasing levels of difficulty. Meanwhile, the arcade mode offers more challenges with items falling from the sky. You need to wait for them to approach before picking them up. These items can provide special effects such as super powerful punches, the ability to knock down multiple enemies at once, or other effects such as loss of vision, reduced punching speed, or changing fist size.

The game also supports leaderboards so you can compete with other players. Your score will be recorded, and you have the opportunity to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Try to achieve the highest score and become the king of Screaming Strike.

Screaming Strike also has a special feature, which is the scream collection. If you defeat ten enemies of the same type, you can listen to their dramatic screams for added fun. This is a unique and interesting feature of the game.

Get ready for a fun and intense action adventure with Screaming Strike. Defeat the enemy forces, earn high scores, and become the top player in this game. Show off your skills and immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of this game!

The game is one of my translation projects for Vietnamese players.


Download Screaming Strike.