Peasant Life Simulator. A Fascinating Simulation Game of Farmer Life

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Welcome to Peasant Life Simulator, an exciting simulation game that allows you to experience the life of a farmer in a Russian village. This game combines elements of RPG and simulation, enabling you to build and live your life in your own way. You will face various challenges and opportunities to create an intriguing farmer's life.

Peasant Life Simulator puts you in the shoes of a farmer in the medieval era. The game doesn't have a fixed storyline - you are free to choose how to live your life. You can select different roles, each with its own starting conditions, characteristics, and gameplay. You might become a wanderer, a serf, a free farmer, or even nobility.

In the game, you will live a brief life in a Russian village. You have to fulfill basic needs like eating, resting, and working every day. Your character's life will evolve based on your actions - if you don't work diligently, health will deteriorate, and diseases will develop.

The weather in the game changes rapidly and affects your abilities. In cold winter, you must keep warm by heating the stove or finding a shelter. In summer, it's time for planting and harvesting, and you need to plow the fields and harvest to ensure enough food supply. Peasant Life Simulator provides a farm simulation experience, where you will live in a medieval-era village.

Besides farming, you can also develop your own business. If you prefer trading over farming, you can become nobility, own properties, and start a business. By hiring workers and trading with the village, you can construct public facilities and become an economic manager.

If you enjoy adventure and exploration, become a traveler, with a randomly generated open world each time you start a new playthrough. You can explore different villages and buildings, meet various characters, and complete different quests.

Peasant Life Simulator is not just an ordinary farming game; it is a true-to-life simulation of Russia in the medieval era. With a first-person player perspective, you will have the opportunity to experience what people went through during those challenging years.


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