Magic Research. Sorcery Exploration

Software Type
7 months
Game genre
Role Playing
Supported operating systems

In Magic Research, you are the headmaster of a newly established School of Magic with a single goal: to learn as much about this power and gain enough reputation to participate and win in the prestigious Tournament of Magic. But on this journey, what will you discover?

  1. Deploy over a hundred different spells with diverse effects.
  2. Research magic in various magical disciplines to discover new and surprising ways to use this power.
  3. Accumulate resources and build the school campus.
  4. Manage a team of researchers and students to lead your school to fame.
  5. Uncover hidden new features - when will you unlock the next one?
  6. Seek over 50 secret storylines with long-lasting effects that change the gameplay.
  7. Restart the game and progress faster each time with rewards upon retirement.
  8. Over 40 hours of addictive gameplay!

Get ready for a captivating adventure! In Magic Research, you will immerse yourself in a world of mysterious sorcery and explore every corner of this powerful force. With over a hundred unique spells and countless new features to discover, you will never tire of learning and researching. Build your own school, manage a team of researchers and students, and lead your school to fame and glory in the Tournament of Magic.

What are you waiting for? Step into the world of Magic Research and discover the potential of sorcery!

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Download Unlocked Windows version, Version 1.14.1.

Download Unlocked Android version, Version 1.14.5.

Download iOS version on the app store.

Note: For the Android installation file, it is a .APKs file, so you need the Split APKs Installer app to install this file.

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