JustGammon. Backgammon Game

4 months
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Chess game
Supported operating systems

JustGammon is a backgammon game with many options and features.

Now, it can be played locally, two players on the same device, against the computer's AI, or watch two computers play against each other (only watch the game).

Choose how you want to play in the Manager: Local Game, Computer AI Game.

- Just tap on a piece to pick it up and tap on a position on the board to place it according to the rolled dice.

- Long press on a piece can remove it.

JustGammon has many features such as sound for different actions, statistics for a single game and all games played, multiple settings to make it a highly customizable game, and other configurations.

Users with visual impairments can also access this game fully using screen readers like TalkBack or Jieshuo.

The game is one of my translation projects for vietnam players.


Download from the play store.

Learn and read the rules of backgammon in JustGammon.

JustGammon game's homepage.