Fantasy Story II. Dreamlike Tale

4 months
Software Type
Game genre
Online Role Playing
Supported operating systems

This game is a 2D online action role-playing game with a simple skill system.

Fight, collect, and craft in a fantasy world of swords and magic.

Embark on an adventurous journey with your friends!

  • 23 types of skills that can be upgraded and downgraded at will.
  • High-action battles with swords and magic.
  • Gather ores, chop wood, fish, and more.
  • Craft blacksmithing, bookbinding, cooking, tailoring, jewelry making, alchemy, and more.
  • Assistive features such as full game narration, 3D sound effects, NVDA screen reader output, Morse code output, and more.

The game has been fully translated into Vietnamese through my translation project for Vietnamese players.


Download for Windows 64 bit.

Download for Windows 32 bit.

Download for Android from the play store.