Empire's Order. A Unique Sci-Fi Journey

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Empire's Order is a unique sci-fi game that takes players on a journey to a distant planet in the galaxy, where a precious ore awaits to be mined. As the chosen one, your responsibility is to settle on the planet, mine the ore, and deliver it to the Empire on time.

Players have the ability to build their own deck, research new technologies, upgrade equipment, trade with other players, and undertake operations with their special forces team. With diverse gameplay options and the use of all necessary means to transport ore, Empire's Order offers an engaging and challenging experience, building the deck in a rogue-lite and progressive direction.

The game includes 42 different cards, 37 different constructions, 33 events, and 84 achievements, along with the diversity of events, rewards, and specializations to keep players engaged and facing challenges.

In Empire's Order, you will explore magical ore blocks and confront various barriers and formidable opponents. Be clever and creative in resource management, explore hidden resources, and overcome relentless challenges as you efficiently and punctually complete the Empire's missions.

This game is one of my translation projects for vietnam players.

Note: Please purchase this software if possible to support the developers. They deserve it.


Download from OneDrive server for Android+ unlocked, Version 1.5.2.

Download for iOS from App Store.

Note: The Android installation file is in .APKs format, so you need the Split APKs Installer app to install this file.

Purchase on the Play Store.