Breed Memorial. Monster Raising Simulation

4 months
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Long ago... Humans coexisted with monsters.

However, monsters lacked the advanced intelligence of humans, and as a result, many of them turned into fossils and fell into a deep slumber...

Humans turned the fossilized monsters into jewelry, hoping to coexist with them once again...

And now, the dream has become a reality!

This game is a "monster-raising simulation," where you raise monsters as pets.

  • There are over 300 monsters for you to discover and develop your favorites.
  • You can feed, play in the park, and train them.
  • There's a competition where you can compete with other monsters.
  • The displayed text is readable if a screen reader is running.
  • The game is compatible with keyboards and gamepads, and you can perform most actions while playing. You can customize the environment for easier gameplay, such as auto-save and adjusting volume balance.


Download the installation version.

Download the Portable version to run directly.