Battle Against Darkness. Experience a Unique Rhythm on the Battlefield of Music

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1 day 14 hours
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Battle Against Darkness is not just an ordinary Rhythm game. It's a unique battle where you'll confront dark forces and showcase your rhythmic sense.

In a colorful and modern future world, music is not only a passion but also a powerful weapon. Battle Against Darkness allows you to experience a dramatic and unique Rhythm battle.

With its distinctive Rhythm gameplay, you'll face unforeseen challenges from evil forces. By feeling and adjusting the music, you'll defeat them and become a Rhythm deity on this battlefield.

Battle Against Darkness is not just for visual players but also open to players with visual impairments. Every player has the opportunity to showcase their talent and feel the power of music through an unlimited combat experience.

If you're passionate about music and love a challenge, join the Rhythm battle in Battle Against Darkness. Prove that you can become a Rhythm deity on this battlefield and defeat the dark forces with your rhythmic sense.


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