As Dusk Falls. A Gripping Tale of Intertwined Families

4 months
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Role Playing
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As Dusk Falls is a unique interactive drama game by INTERIOR/NIGHT that explores the interconnected lives of two families over thirty years. Starting in 1998 with a robbery and a series of incidents in a small town in Arizona, the choices you make will have a powerful impact on the characters' lives in this uncompromising story of betrayal, sacrifice, and resilience.

The game does not have a specific content description, allowing players to discover it themselves.

Revisit the story again and again to discover different outcomes for the characters and gain deeper insights into each decision. Will your characters survive without being harmed? What will they ultimately become?

Take control of the lives and relationships of multiple characters in an enduring story, told through two compelling volumes.

Uncompromising crime drama. The cinematic story is portrayed through the performances of actors brought to life in a beautiful art style, creating a unique experience akin to an animated graphic novel.

Sacrifice versus survival. Will you escape the harmful influence of your family? What will you sacrifice for your loved ones? Can you overcome your past? Your decisions will shape the fate of the characters.

Intertwined bonds. Follow two families in their struggle to survive, protect, and endure through challenges stemming from the mistakes of previous generations.

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Note: The unlocked download file is over 20GB in size and may not be suitable for devices that do not meet the requirements.


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