A Hero’s Call. The Call of a Hero

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Role Playing
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Embark on an exciting adventure and explore a world like never before! You will play the role of an adventurer, entering a captivating world as you discover the city of Farhaven under attack by a mysterious force. Alongside a small group of companions, you must explore the surrounding lands, uncover the enigmatic power, and save Farhaven from the invading threat. Do you have the strength to answer the call of a hero?

Starting your journey from the town of Farhaven, you will unveil a diverse and rich world, with mysterious landscapes waiting for you to explore. Plunge into mystical forests, venture through goblin-filled tunnels, explore haunted caverns, and more. With 17 unique maps, you will always have new lands to discover. Utilize the waypoint system to navigate to previously explored points, or venture out on your own—you never know what awaits you in distant places!

Expand your party with four unique companions: a mischievous Lord daughter, a mysterious soldier with a secretive past, a nun, and a witty thief with a heart (and pockets) full of gold. Each companion brings unique skills and rewards to the team, opening up new opportunities in the world of A Hero's Call. Engage in conversations with team members and journey with them to unlock individualized quests, delving deeper into their personalities and pasts.

Encounter over 40 non-player characters (NPCs), each with dynamic behaviors and conversations influenced by your choices and actions. Some will fight alongside you in battles, while others may hold secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Choose from six different character classes, each with their own set of skills. Customize your attributes to match your specific playstyle. Will you become a stealthy rogue, a mighty warrior, or a determined mage? The choice is entirely yours.

With a vast world and engaging turn-based battles, you'll be immersed in an incredible realm. Customize your equipment, hone your skills, and more. Be the person you want to become.

Begin your journey on the path to becoming a hero!


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