1428 Shadows over Silesia. A Dark Journey in Medieval Europe

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Role Playing
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Shadows over Silesia is a dark action-adventure game with mythological elements set in medieval Europe. Built on a foundation of real historical events, you will face complex puzzles, challenging battles, and cunning stealth encounters. In this journey, you will encounter demonic cultists, mythical creatures, and malevolent entities from the depths of hell.

A Dark and Mystical Story:

In the year 1428, amidst religious turmoil in Europe, a religious revolution is underway. The followers of the Hussite creed are conducting a campaign in Silesia. However, a completely different malevolent figure lurks nearby, indifferent to religious disputes.

In the game, you will experience everything through two main characters. Hynek, a stern Hussite commander, who spares no profanity and deals with matters decisively, and Lothar, a Hospitaller knight, an educated and cultured individual, always standing by his comrades in the Silesian battles. Each character has their own motives and perspectives, along with unique equipment and abilities. Their destinies will soon intertwine. Will they confront each other, weapon in hand, or will they cooperate gently to stand together and fight against an even greater evil?

Challenging Puzzles:

The puzzles will bring astonishing challenges on your perilous journey. You must utilize the environment, search for objects, gather information, and solve encoded puzzles or messages. Some issues can be solved in various ways, or you can find clever ways to overcome them.

Sneak through the Shadows:

Sometimes, you must lurk in the shadows and avoid enemies to remain undetected. Observing their patrol routes and habits will help you find the best path.

Difficult Battles:

The combat system is easy to understand but requires practice to master. Remember that when outnumbered by opponents, you will face difficulties! If three or more enemies attack you at once, you will be overwhelmed! It is essential to exploit your opponent's mistakes, wait for the right moment, and strike. You will face not only knights, villagers, and bandits but also formidable supernatural creatures that cannot be underestimated.

The game is fully playable by visually impaired individuals with the game's accessibility mode and screen reader support.

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