Update log information for Jieshuo software

By Trung, 22 July, 2023

Jieshuo Update Log 20231001.

  1. Change image description recognition engine,
  2. Change slider verification recognition engine,
  3. Optimized built-in iFlyTek voice (supports third-party apps to double voice through system calls),
  4. Optimized emoji expression reading,
  5. Optimized two-step gestures, which can be individually toggled in the gesture scheme or in the single-app gesture for a specific application's two-step gestures,
  6. Optimized TTS settings, you can directly open the corresponding voice library settings in the voice selection interface,
  7. Optimized operation settings, advanced settings (some settings positions have changed),
  8. Multi-finger gestures, two-step gestures, edge gestures switch moved to default gesture settings,
  9. Fixed the bug of abnormal reading of Telegram notifications,
  10. Added link extraction and focus custom operation can be directly displayed in the operation menu,
  11. Quick addition of preset timers when selecting functions (timers without names will not be displayed, please do not add timers with the same name),
  12. Fixed the bug of Android high versions not reading call duration,
  13. Due to cost issues, the continuous recognition capability of the commentary camera is retained only for text recognition, other recognition must be done manually.

This is the update log of Jieshuo that I posted and translated so that you can understand what's new in the Jieshuo software.

Access the Jieshuo download page.

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